Save the date: September 30 – October 2, 2019

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Nashville, TN

Ensuring Quality Excellence from project inception to completion has become a fast-growing priority for many owners, architects, engineers, and contractors in recent years. Bringing teams together to drive down costs, minimize timely overruns, and deliver client expectations of value. However, a lack of industry focus on construction quality until now has left systems and processes very subjective, and there remains a lack of understanding of how to best approach quality management from project inception through to construction close-out.

Advancing Construction Quality 2018 is the first national gathering of quality management leaders focused on influencing industry-wide culture change, and making quality excellence a driver for every team. Interactive sessions and breakouts will identify the key metrics used to measure and support quality initiatives, and brainstorm how we, as an industry, can come together and develop an action plan to get ahead of the quality curve before the end of the conference.

View the full agenda sessions here.

"This was easily one of the best conferences I have ever been to. Conferences I have attended in the past have been more sales pitches than learning opportunities, but every speaker here came with fresh ideas and was insightful and educational. There was more talk on HOW attendees could achieve possibilities instead of just what possibilities were out there."

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