Save the date: September 30 – October 2, 2019

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Nashville, TN

Day One
Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Day Two
Thursday, October 4, 2018

Enhancing Your Quality Management Program

Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction

Maintaining Tighter Control in the Field

KEYNOTE CASE STUDY: On-Boarding Trade Partners to Drive Building Right First Time


  • Discussing how setting and communicating high quality expectations early can ensure each Trade Partner is ready to construct and the entire team is aligned on what is ‘Right First Time’
  • Defining best practices on worker orientation and training to project specific requirements for what Quality consists of, and ensuring this knowledge is consistently passed quickly and efficiently to all parties entering the job-site
  • Benchmarking best practices to foster culture change among trade partners on establishing the importance for their on-going work verifications to avoid lengthy punchlists and costly rework

Driving Accountability & Maintaining a Quality Focused Team on Your Project to Improve Stakeholder Collaboration


  • Optimizing hand-over from preconstruction to operations to ensure that all decisions are communicated and justified to field teams
  • Understanding the value of consistent reinforcement of quality initiatives to drive buy-in and ways that this can be done via metrics, Quality Champions and internal incentives
  • Establishing regular checks and balances from field, project, and quality management to maintain quality standards across all projects, and establish Quality Managers as a supporting role for construction teams

Document Review: Improving Diligence Throughout Operations to Set-up Trade Partners for Success


  • Developing efficient reviews of contracting documents to better understanding the materials and equipment needed for operations
  • Optimizing documents created for each trade to improve awareness, co-ordination and interface of partners throughout operations to streamline installations
  • Establishing inspections of progress reports from the field completed by more inexperienced staff (including material inspections, initial inspections, submittal approvals and RFIs) to reduce risk of rework and ensure all parties are in agreement with the standards for installation as the project progresses

Construction Disconnected


Equipping construction teams with mobile access to project data and information is no longer a nice to have, but a critical business priority. While construction firms are deploying more technology every year, data shows that many companies still struggle with adoption.
With this intention, this session will:

  • Underline new findings from FMI and PlanGrid on what field teams need from technology
  • Explore the key resources needed to achieve effective deployment of a system across yourentire organization

Morning Refreshments

PANEL: Benchmarking Best Practices for Quality Inspections

  • Charles Hall Director of Quality Assurance, Cianbro Corporation
  • Scott Metzger Director of Quality, Mascaro Construction Company
  • Mike Johnson Director of Quality Control, RJM Construction
  • Dennis Murphy Senior Quality Manager, Kiewit Infrastructure Co.
  • Sonya Yungeberg President, Ayuda Companies
  • Patrick Trinchese Director of Production Planning & Manager of Field Quality Assurance, New York City Transit Authority


  • Highlighting ways to work with engineers to develop project inspections and checklists to ensure effective tracking of Quality in the field
  • Benchmarking tools and systems that can be used to streamline inspections and documentation of project progress
  • Underlining the importance for third party quality reviews and assessing ways that these can be successfully integrated into project workflows

CASE STUDY: How Can Data Sharing Be Streamlined & Simplified to Ensure Timely & Efficient Updates Across Teams?


  • Promoting trust and collaboration between the GC and trades as project partners to share
    resources and support quality initiatives across the entire project, encouraging accurate
    reporting of project progress, even when things have not gone to plan
    • Identifying reporting procedures that more effectively engage field workers and simplify
    quality management practices to reduce risk of incomplete documentation
    • Integrating quality verifications into daily work activities to minimize inefficiencies and
    errors in data collection

From Quality Management to Quality Excellence

PANEL: Leveraging Lessons Learned Across Projects to Optimize Overall Program Management

  • Sue Klawans Past President & Founding Member, CQEC
  • Ken Murchie Director – Quality, Safety & Construction, TransCanada
  • Corrie Neuens Corporate Director of Quality, The Boldt Company
  • Peter Ukstins Director – Integrated Construction Group, DAVIS Construction
  • David Cunningham Director of Quality Assurance & Quality Control, Samet Corporation
  • Paula Bodine Quality Assurance Director, TDIndustries


  • Establishing project review processes to ensure lessons learned are collected and documented effectively
  • Reviewing tools and systems that can be used to ease data analysis and identify opportunities for wider program improvement
  • Developing a process to regularly review lessons learned and feedback to all departments to ensure that action is taken to continuously improve quality management processes

Lunch Break

How Can Safety & Quality Planning Align to Save Time & Resources, & Help Build an Organization for Quality Excellence?

  • Ken Murchie Director – Quality, Safety & Construction, TransCanada


  • Understanding expectations and aims of both initiatives, and aligning terms and definitions used across stakeholders for fundamental principals
  • Defining behaviours and actions, broken down into weekly and monthly goals, that align across safety and quality programs
  • Identifying key metrics tracked and reported for Safety that can also be used to measure Quality and prove value of quality management
  • Outlining how inspection and assessments to provide the assurance for both safety and quality management programs

Exploring the Role of Technology

How Procore can change the industry as a platform for innovation

AUDIENCE DISCUSSION: Selecting & Optimizing the Best Project Management System for Your Quality Program


  • Reviewing what functions a system needs to best support quality programs
  • Assessing the functionality of various software on the market, and identifying difficulties and potential modifications or add-ons that can be introduced to streamline practices
  • Filling in the gaps: What do we now need to work with software and technology providers to develop for the industry to enhance Quality Control?

SPOTLIGHT: Exploring How Reality Capture Tools & Systems Can Improve Planning, Tracking & Verification of Installations to Enable Quality Excellence

  • Shaun Lewis Senior Manager, Reality Capture, Clark Construction


  • Reviewing various reality capture tools that can be employed and successfully implemented across all stages of the project to minimize risk and accelerate feedback from quality checks
  • Outlining the A-Z implementation of laser scanners and 360 cameras in the field, and how these can be streamlined with existing data management processes to ensure faster updates from the job site to office
  • Understanding the true value provided by these tools for quality management, and potential for further expansion

Afternoon Refreshments

PANEL: Exploring the Potential for Emerging Technology to Enhance Quality Inspection & Reporting


  • Finding and selecting new tools and technologies that actually improve quality management systems: with so many solutions on the market, how do you know what to choose?
  • Identifying areas of quality management where emerging technologies could drive significant improvements
  • Reviewing the process of streamlining and integrating systems and workflows to maximize the value-add of introducing new technologies

Industry Review: Identifying Actionable Takeaways to Make Change to Quality in Construction


As Quality Leaders in the construction industry, it is our role to better understand what ‘good’ looks like, and strategize a path for how we are going to ensure that we get ahead of the Quality Curve.

This is an opportunity to reflect on the lessons learned through the conference: are there any eureka moments that will change your  trategy back in the office? Considering yourself and your Quality journey, what are your next steps after the conference? How can we ensure that the lessons learned are actually executed, and not lost in the day to day rush to get the next job done?

End of Day Two

Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Scott West VP Quality Management, Granite Construction